Court Painting in England from Tudor to Victorian Times by William Gaunt

By William Gaunt

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At home, and in another way, the idea was calculated to for the Queen by a psychological made her almost a substitute for the win devotion transfer- ence that religious conception of the Virgin. Emblems in portraiture could stand for virtue as well as A learned woman, after a long seclusion under the tutelage and in the company of scholars, well read in majesty. the classics, fluent in French and Italian, and not unaffected by the poetic spirit of the times, Elizabeth was 38 Isaac Oliver's unfinished portrait of the ageing Queen Elizabeth : Emblems abound in portraits of Queen Elizabeth in this one by an unknown artist, the sieve she holds is an emblem of virginity Right : Queen Elizabeth I and the painters 39 Queen Elizabeth and the painters I well able to give a lead to the painters in the The they used.

Ways he departed from the Though earlier in master's example, he took a similar advantage of the pleasing background quality of a rich cerulean blue, the silhouetted forms that made black and white the equivalent of colour in incisive brilliance, the arrangements of lettering that became a decorative adjunct. Less obvious an influence, but also an object of his admiration, concerning 42 was Albrecht Durer. Hilliard's the Hilliard's miniature self-portrait Arte of Limning, extant in Treatise a single Hilliard's manuscript - a page from the only copy extant of his Treatise concerning the Arte of Limning Queen Elizabeth I and the painters ) h/Au,- tf*~-pb~JzZ- 1 J*£ (7w£eA*C) &.

One of them was Hans Eworth, about whom and whose work there has been much to engage the speculative interest and detective inquiry of modern scholars. The spelling of his name has added confusion to the little that is known about him. In Tudor orthography he appears in the several guises of Haunce Eworth, Heward and produced a score John Ewottes, Hans of variations more. E. There an observable difference between the in the signature of pictures E now attributed to Eworth, and the extended letter that seems to include monogram of others.

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