Cryptography: Proceedings of the Workshop on Cryptography by Thomas Beth (eds.)

By Thomas Beth (eds.)

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The Signal Security Agency, US Army, in vain had t r i e d t o break t h i s encryption. Did t h a t mean t h a t t h e Germans would not be u p t o i t ? ,CHURCHILL)? Typically, F. 0. RCOSEVELT, t h e i n t e l l e c t u a l among t h e a l l i e d statesmen, d i s t r u s t e d cryptoSraphers' a s s e v e r a t i o n s . He c e r t a i n l y knew about the deep-rooted human bias towards isnoring t h e unwanted. I n t h i s respect, i n v e n t o r s o f encryption methods a r e p a r t i c u l a r l y endangered.

This agreement i s t o be done under special p r e c a u t i o n s i n o r d e r t o prevent the enemy from o b t a i n i n g t h e key. The s i z e o f t h e f a m i l y o f a l l ( l e f t - u n i q u e ) correspondences o r ( i n j e c t i v e ) mappinqs N of v (NN)! and M of bijections V ( n ) --9 W(m) b4(m) may be, dependin? 1 and n = m , t h e r e a r e V n e Wn and ((N"' -l)/(N-l))! *l(n). I n p r a c t i c a l cryptography, s m a l l e r f a m i l i e s a r e used. I t i s a common mistake, t o use u n n e c e s s a r i l y small f a m i l i e s .

DE V r m ~ s(1847-1901), a French army officer, could show [de Viaris 18931 how to facilitate breaking a JEFFERSON-BAZERIES polyalphabetic substitution. These methods were still refined by WILLIAM FREDERICK FRIEDMAN (1891-1969), the leading cryptologist of our century, and his school (SINKOV, KULLBACK), introducing sensitive test functions. In 1915, PARKER HITT (1877-1950) gave an open warning [Hitt 19161 of the dangers of repeating or repeated keys. Thus, the way led naturally to m n i n g keys for one-tC-e use ('one-time pads').

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