Dangerous to Her by Virna DePaul

By Virna DePaul

"I'm now not afraid anymore."

For years, courtroom reporter Mattie Nolan saved her baby a mystery. the fellow she as soon as enjoyed selected his harmful job—undercover cop—over her. yet now, Sacramento detective Dom Jeffries is all that is status among her and the drug kingpin set on revenge opposed to each person who positioned him away. together with Mattie.

Though teetering at the fringe of burnout, Dom is going undercover as a bailiff in Mattie's court docket. whereas he pretends to not have in mind her, techniques of her contact, her scent and the smile that were his on my own hold resurfacing. Then he uncovers the key she's maintaining. to avoid wasting the daughter he is by no means recognized and the lady he is by no means forgotten, Dom's able to sacrifice not only his task, yet his life…

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Just signal me when you’re ready. ” She motioned to an area just to Mattie’s left, where a much steeper and taller rock wall was set up for advanced climbers. Nodding weakly, Mattie watched the girl approach another female spotter, who excitedly gestured towards the top of the wall. Within seconds, a crowd gathered. Squinting her eyes, Mattie turned to see what everyone was so interested in. Her breath caught. Someone came to stand next to her. ” Despite the awe-tinged whisper of the stranger standing next to her, Mattie’s gaze never strayed from the man climbing up the wall, which was alternately smooth or obstacled with layered protrusions.

Arrogant jerk. But this was great, she thought. Just what she needed. His bad attitude shook the fantasies right out of her. In fact, she just might— Before she could complete the thought, the door to the in-custody room flew open, almost hitting her. ” She registered Dominic’s yell just as a tall, thin-rail man dressed in an orange jumpsuit rushed into the courtroom. He froze in front of her, seeming as startled to see her as she was to see him. Behind him, another sheriff’s deputy was wrestling with a second man in orange.

The lieutenant sighed. “Listen, son, I think you should take some time off. You’ve been in the field a long time. Joel thought so. And now, with what’s happened—” “Joel wanted me to take this assignment. ” Despite the grief threatening to burst through his chest and the fact his body still trembled, Dom’s tone was implacable. It left no room for discussion about time off, Joel’s death, or Dom’s feelings. No, not his death—his murder. Of all people, the lieutenant should understand the distraction Dom needed to keep from falling apart.

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