Dark Sun Creature Catalog by Richard Baker, Bruce R. Cordell, Ari Marmell, Chris Sims

By Richard Baker, Bruce R. Cordell, Ari Marmell, Chris Sims

Monsters and different threats from the realm of Athas.This complement for the darkish sunlight® crusade surroundings collects the main iconic and unsafe monsters of the darkish sunlight crusade atmosphere into one convenient tome. It additionally comprises different risks and threats present in the wasteland wastelands and dungeon tombs of Athas. The creatures and threats provided herein make useful encounters for Athasian heroes or the heroes on your “homebrew” D&D® crusade.

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They defeated Rajaat and imprisoned him outside time and space. After the champions resettled in the Tyr Region, each claimed a city-state and began the magical transformation into a dragon. Borys, demanding the power to guard Rajaat's prison, enlisted the help of the others to complete the process first. The ritual required a sacrifice: It ripped the life from every citi­ zen ofEbe and turned the island city into a hellish wasteland. The newly created Dragon rechristened its former city Ur Draxa, or the City of Doom.

And magnificent hoards. If you want to bring the classic DUNGEONS & DRAGONS dragons into your game and give them an Athaslan twist, you can make them a bit more like drakes. A dragon that behaves like a feral, degenerate beast fits better into Athas. hromatic varieties that live in dry, hot environments typical of Athas: brown gray, and red dragons . Variants such as elemental dragons, blight dragons, and soulgrinder drag­ ons from Draconomicon: Chromatic Drayons demonstrate the elemental influence and arcane blight that plague Athas.

CD Bite'" At-Will Attack: Melee 3 (one creature); +23 vs. AC Hit: 4d8 + 8 damage. Claw'" At-Will Attack: Melee 3 (one creature); +23 vs. AC Hit: 3d8 + 7 damage. Drake's Fury ... At-Will Effect: The drake uses claw twice against one target and bite once against a different target. -it- Orb of Elemental Water (zone; see text) ... Recharge l;:;] llJJ Effect: The drake makes one of the following attacks. 1. Orb of Boiling Water (fire) Attack: Area burst 2 within 10 (creatures in burst); +21 vs. Fortitude Hit: 4d1 0 + 4 fire damage.

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