Death's Reach: Adventure E1 for 4th edition D&D (D&D by Bruce R. Cordell

By Bruce R. Cordell

A D&D(R) event for 21st-level characters.In this experience, avid gamers research the very starting place of fact is threatened by way of these looking to usurp the powers of the god of demise. to avoid this cosmic coup, gamers needs to hint the disruptions into the Shadowfell's undying center, the place all issues locate their end.This event should be run as a stand-alone experience or as half one in all a three-part sequence of adventures that spans the epic tier of gameplay.

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2 Sorrowsworn Doomguards (D) Level 21 Soldier M e d i u m shadow humanoid I n i t i a t i v e +20 X P 3,200 each S e n s e s Perception +19; darkvision H P 198; B l o o d i e d 9 9 A C 37; F o r t i t u d e 33, Reflex 35, W i l l 32 S p e e d 7; climb 4 (spider climb); see also doomguard jaunt © S c y t h e (standard; at-will) • Weapon +28 vs. A C ; 4 d 4 + 9 damage, and the target is marked until the end of the s o r r o w s w o r n d o o m g u a r d s next turn. 4 S h a d o w R e a p (standard; recharge : i ) • P s y c h i c , W e a p o n Requires scythe; targets an enemy marked by a s o r r o w s w o r n doomguard; +26 vs.

H e r t r u d designates in t h e burst area. If a ghoul appears in an occupied space, that space's occupant is pushed 2 squares. D e a t h b u r s t A r m o r (minor; daily) • W h e n t h e a d v e n t u r e r s arrive, read: You find yourselves on a pedestal in a runic circle. A cold wind and the smell of smoke, rot, and blood immediately greet you. You stand on the upper slopes of a frigid mountain. Necrotic Until t h e end of Hertrud's next turn, each creature that hits her w i t h a melee attack takes 3d8 + 2 necrotic damage.

W h e n the adventurers step through the portal, read: TACTICS The nearest rot slinger flings an orb of decay, then retreats to the building behind it. It flies onto a high perch before resuming its attacks, preferring ranged attackers as targets. The second joins it as soon as the battle begins. A striking female shadar-feai with elaborate robes, plaited silver hair, and tribal tattoos stands before you, atop a plain, stone platform. Mist appears all around you, except for the glowing portal beyond the woman, directly opposite from where you entered.

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