Dungeon Master's Screen (Dungeons & Dragons: Forgotten by Skip Williams

By Skip Williams

Turn into the Mightiest strength in Faer?nFrom in the back of this four-panel monitor, you regulate all that happens on your Forgotten nation-states crusade. that includes wonderful new artwork, this important online game relief includes key tables from the Player's instruction manual, Dungeon Master's consultant, and Forgotten geographical regions crusade environment -- and is helping you shield your notes, die rolls, and different surprises out of your gamers' eyes. additionally integrated is an invaluable 32-page ebook packed with random come across tables for dungeon degrees 1 to twenty, and barren region encounters for over 30 weather and terrain combinations.To use this accent, you furthermore may want the Forgotten nation-states crusade atmosphere, the Player's guide, the Dungeon Master's consultant, and the Monster handbook.

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